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Fremont Aviation is the answer to all of your aerial and aviation needs. Whether you want to learn how to fly a plane or you are looking to purchase a new plane, we can help get you airborne again.


When you want to safely navigate the sky above, Fremont Aviation is the best choice. We have over 45 years of experience in the industry, and no other company can provide you with the same trustworthy and knowledgeable service like us!

Flight training - Cessna 152 and

 172 aircraft training services

Aircraft rentals - Anniversaries,

 birthdays and graduations

Aircraft maintenance -

 Turboprop engines, single

 engines and check-ups

Experience aviation

Don't settle for training from inexperienced aircraft pilots or instructors. Fremont aviation is the best in the business.


When you work with us, you work with the best and most heavily trained pilot instructors around.

The team at Fremont Aviation provides the best instruction possible while maintaining the safety of all students.


We also provide quality aviation maintenance services to keep your aircraft functioning properly.

Gift certificates are available!


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